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No Thanks Keith – I have NO WORRIES about my family’s safety from home invasions and other violent crimes…

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Please Watch this IMPORTANT Message Regarding…

Your Family’s Defense Plans

 Thank you for your purchase of Ammo Independence: The Firearms Survival Guide. You will have full access to your purchase momentarily.

Right now I’d like to take just a moment to congratulate you on your decision to take charge of your right to own firearms and your right to protect your family…no matter the cost.

You’ll now have peace-of-mind knowing that you will always have access to the life-saving firearms and ammo you need…

Without worrying about future liberalist firearms legislation or sneaky “backdoor” gun control tactics by gun-grabbing politicians!

You’ve shown me that you’re a realist…a planner…a PATRIOT!

And I applaud you for that.

And that’s why I’d like to give you another $148 in life-saving gifts right now to make sure you have everything you need to ensure the safety and security of your family.

It’s also my way of saying “thanks again” for your purchase today of Ammo Independence: The Firearms Survival Guide!

You’re about to have EVERYTHING you’ll ever need to make sure your family is safe and secure no matter what you encounter.

Let me explain…

The FACT is we live under a false sense of security in this country.

Each night when we put our kids to bed and turn out the lights, most of us blindly believe that deadbolts on our doors and that blinking red light on our home security system will protect us from crazed psychopaths and other violent maniacs who wish to do us harm…

While those items might deter…or at the very least slow down…an average household burglar or sick predator…

The TRUTH is these items provide practically NO PROTECTION against vicious criminals who are truly committed to penetrating your home and violating your family.

And a call to 911 or your local police department may not save your family either.

Typically, the police don’t respond until AFTER a crime has been committed and the perpetrator is already GONE.

The fact of the matter is that in during a violent home invasion, you and your family cannot rely on the police if some nutjob is trying to violate your home and assault your family.

The only thing you can rely on to protect your home and family is your YOU!

I don’t know about you, but fear of these types of attacks used to keep me up at night.


In the past year, I’ve collaborated with some veteran military strategists and home defense gurus to put together a plan to shield my home and protect my family should a nightmarish scenario unfold.

And today I want to give you an unbelievable opportunity to get my Home & Family Defense plans.

And when you take advantage of this tremendous offer, you’ll get $148 in additional life-saving gifts just for saying YES!

Let’s discuss what’s included in this must-have package…

homelockdowncover-copy3First off you get access to my best-selling guide HOME LOCKDOWN: Ultimate Tactics for Defending Your Home.

The most vulnerable your family and home will ever be is after a major crisis or disaster strikes.

In the immediate aftermath of these events, looters, gangs and other violent criminals often seize the opportunity to do their nasty deeds.

And most families are “ripe for the picking” because they have no plan for how to defend their home when the alarm isn’t working and the phone lines are down.

But with HOME LOCKDOWN, you won’t be one of the potential victims simply hoping and praying that looters, rapists and other intruders skip over your home.

You’ll have a plan in place that you can initiate as soon as a crisis or disaster breaks. Let’s take a look at just a few of the topics this must-have guide contains…

Here’s a quick peek of what you’ll learn inside…

An amazing “mind hack” that gives me the upper hand on almost any intruder. This tactic allows me to lead 90% of all would be invaders right where I want them…

My DROP DEAD Simple 4-level fortress blueprint. Here you’ll learn how to separate your property into four distinct parts to slow down looters and burglars. (This will work with a home or property of practically any size!).

The BEST weapons for your Home Defense Plans. I’m not only talking about guns. We have a list of the best lethal and non-lethal weapons (you might be surprised by a few of the recommendations!).

The Right way to handle your excursions for reconnaissance, secure patrolling, supply runs and more. Handle this part wrong and your entire household is at risk of invasion and takeover.

How to develop your own “defense network” before the crisis strikes. This way you’ll have allies that can come to your defense if you’re under attack.

Plus so much more. These are military-grade tactics and strategies for defending your home and family!

homeinvasionsreportcover2The next component of my Home & Family Defense plans is a special report called “Home Invasions: a Homeowner’s Guide for How to be Prepared”.

This in-depth special report gives you step-by-step information on how to prevent your home from being the target of a “routine” home invasion.

It also helps you prepare your family for what to do if an invasion takes place and you have to defend yourself.

Here we’ll cover things like…

How to discourage invaders from choosing your home as a target. Here we’ll reveal 12 simple tactics you can implement immediately to minimize your chance of getting invaded!

What to do if your home is invaded. This vital section teaches every single family member exactly what to do once the home has been penetrated and the scumbags are inside.

How to properly defend yourself with guns, knives and other “improvised” weapons. Here you’ll learn when you can legally use lethal force to take down a combatant.

These are just a few of the crucial strategies and tactics covered in this important guide.

That’s NOT everything included in my HOME & Family Defense Plans bundle though…

I promised earlier that you’d get access to $148 in additional life-saving gifts if you decided to add this to your order now. Here’s a rundown these AMAZING bonuses

Family Personal Defense Videosconservatively valued at $77


You get 33 Fight-ProvenEasy-to-Learn Self-Defense Videos for just about ANY scenario imaginable.

These videos were produced by two highly regarded self-defense gurus exclusively for this package. They’re NOT available anywhere else.

Every member of your household will learn how to defend themselves from guns, knives, baseball bats and so much more.

At less than five minutes each, these videos are the perfect length so that your family can learn a new self-defense technique each and every day!

deadly-weapons-copyStreet Smart Survival Against Deadly Weaponsvalued at $27

This guide is the perfect companion piece to our family personal defense videos.

As the name implies, this book teaches you real, actionable tactics to fend of attackers who are coming at you with knives, guns, clubs and other deadly weapons.

With this guide and the videos, every family member will be ready for an attacker with any type of weapon!

selfdefensewomenSelf-Defense for Women valued at $27

Since the women in your household will be the most vulnerable during a home invasion or attack, I decided to throw in this terrific guide as well.

Every female family member will learn self-defense secrets they can use to fend off any attacker

Even if they’ve never thrown a punch!

These tactics show the most petite woman how to take down a 250 pound muscular attacker!

But I’m not done yet… I’m also going to throw in another bonus report called…

buyersguideThe Home Protection & Self-Defense Buyers Guidevalued at $17

This handy guide is a catalog of some of the BEST products on the market today…

To secure your home and protect your family from violent criminals and other sick predators.

You’ll LOVE this guide. You’ll discover self-defense tools you never even knew existed!

So there you have it! You get complete access to Home & Family Defense Plans plus the $148 in free gifts for the one-time payment listed below:


Simply click the “add to my order” button and we will add this to your original purchase right now.

You can get INSTANT access to everything just by clicking the button to complete the purchase.

And remember, you have complete peace of mind since everything is covered by my no-questions asked 60-day money back guarantee!

Click the button now to complete your order.

IF you’d prefer to just stick with your original purchase and nothing more, simply click the “no thanks” and I’ll cancel the rest of your order.

To summarize one more time…

You get complete access to my Home & Family Defense Plans which includes…

HOME LOCKDOWN: Ultimate Tactics for Defending Your Home

This is the definitive guide for how to DEFEND & SECURE your HOME after a disaster or crisis.

You’ll learn military-grade tactics to lock down your home and protect your family!

Home Invasions: a Homeowner’s Guide for How to be Prepared

This guide gives you a step-by-step plan to protect your family from “routine” home invasions.

You learn how to discourage invaders from selecting your home as a target, plus you’ll learn exactly what to do if your home is compromised and assailants are inside the premises.

Plus you get INSTANT ACCESS to $148 in free gifts too. These free bonuses include…

Family Personal Defense Videos

You get access to 33 fight-proven, easy-to-learn self-defense videos. You can download these videos or watch them online at your convenience.

These videos were produced exclusively for this package by two highly-regarded self-defense gurus!

Street-Smart Survival Against Deadly Weapons

This guide is the PERFECT companion guide to the Home & Family Defense plans as well as the 33 self-defense videos.

Every member of your family will learn how to fend off an attacker who has a gun, a knife, a club or other lethal & non-lethal weapons!

Self-Defense for Women

Since women are the victims of 8 out of every 10 violent crimes committed, I felt it was vital that we provide a guide exclusively for the women in your family.

This guide gives teaches smaller women how to take down much larger, much stronger attackers. You’ll want every female in your family to review this guide!

The Home Protection & Self-Defense Buyers Guide

Part of your home and family defense plan will be to have the right tools and weapons to fend off attackers and predators.

This guide features dozens and dozens of amazing products to give anyone the upper hand against any intruder, predator or other dirt bag.

Just click the button below to add to your order now and you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to it right after purchase.

Isn’t it worth the price to make sure your family is safe and secure at ALL times?

It’s a no brainer…right?

Click the button below to add to your order now.

Remember, there’s absolutely NO risk on your part because I’m backing your purchase with the same 100% satisfaction guarantee from your initial purchase.

You get 60 FULL days to consume the information and implement what you learn. If you don’t think it’s been worth the price, then request a refund and I’ll give you every penny back.

I don’t expect you’ll do that though.

My guess is you’ll be amazed at how much value you’re getting for this no-brainer price.

If you’re not interested, just click the “no thanks” link and we’ll continue to the next step in your order.

Click Below to Add to Your Order Now!



No Thanks Keith – I am NOT CONCERNED about my family’s safety from home invasions and other violent crimes…


Thank you and God Bless.

Keith Jacobs

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