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The information you are about to hear will undoubtedly anger some very powerful people in the anti-gun movement…

I have little doubt that these “gun grabbers” will do everything in their power to shut this video down so average people can’t learn what I’m about to reveal.

If you choose to close this page, I can’t guarantee that this video will still be available if you try to come back. I encourage you to put down your cell phone, clear all other distractions and pay full attention to every single word I’m about to say right now…

As you know, our 2nd Amendment rights have been under siege since at least 2008.

There have been several attempts by our President to get Congress to flat out ban certain types of “assault weapons” and implement national gun registries to keep track of who owns what firearms…

Fortunately these attempts have FAILED in Congress which has led many gun owners to claim victory in this ongoing battle.

But don’t be fooled…

The President and his allies are still committed to disarming the American public and he’s made great strides in doing so…

Without the need for any new “gun control” laws!

In the next few minutes, I’m going to reveal the sneaky maneuvers he’s made to accomplish his goals…

I’ll reveal the real reason he wants YOU disarmed (hint: it has little to do with mass shootings or crime rates)…

And I’m going to reveal a simple way to make sure you and your family are able to keep armed and have all the ammo you need for the foreseeable future.

Before we go any further, let me take just a moment to introduce myself.

My name is Keith Jacobs.

You may know me from my websites, and my popular Facebook pro-gun pages.

Or you may have seen my messages on sites like The Blaze, World Net Daily or other popular gun forums and websites.

I’ve been investigating this “war on guns” now for several years and when I tell others what I’ve uncovered…

They’re often outraged and angered.

You see, pretty early on, the President realized he wasn’t going to make any headway with outlawing guns by working through Congress.

That’s when he and his administration began implementing secret gun control strategies that didn’t require Congressional approval or oversight of any kind.

The first move happened when the Department of Homeland Security purchased 1.6 BILLION rounds of ammo.

According to Forbes Magazine, that was 20 times the amount used in any year of the Iraq war…

Yet it was being purchased for future use on American soil? (We’ll touch on this point again in a few minutes.)

Although federal officials deny it, the Homeland Defense purchase was an attempt to create an artificial shortage of ammo for ordinary law-abiding Americans.

And it was a HUGE success as gun retailers nationwide had to limit the amount of ammo sold to consumers.

The Homeland Security ammo purchase was just a temporary stop gap though until the administration could get their more permanent secret gun control mechanism in place.

The long term play was executed when the administration used the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to close the Doe Run Company’s lead smelting facility in Missouri.

This facility produced almost all of the lead used to make ammunition in the United States.

By closing this facility, it is now impossible for a single round of ammo to be produced completely in the United States.

This now forces ammo suppliers to import lead from other parts of the world…

Which means the federal government now has the ability to regulate the supply of ammunition through international trade policies and tariffs (taxes!).

The end result of this closure is that the United States ammunition markets are completely controlled by the federal government!

It’s only a matter of time before the next step in this secret gun control plan is implemented…

This will most likely include imposing HUGE tariffs on imported lead which will increase ammo prices to previously unimaginable highs.

This would make it nearly impossible for average Americans to buy ammo at an affordable price!

Now I know you might be angered right now after what you’ve just learned…

But let’s now take a minute to understand WHY the President and his allies are so hell bent on disarming Americans.

Many government insiders know that our nation is facing an imminent financial crisis.

I’m talking about a major crisis that will dwarf the financial crisis we saw back in 2008…

And some of the world’s leading economists think it’s only a matter of months before it starts.

Foreign investors are already dumping their investments in our economy because they see the writing on the wall.

When this next financial crisis breaks, banks won’t get bailed again.

This time they’ll go under.

When that happens, thousands of other small businesses that rely on credit from these banks will also go under — meaning millions of Americans will suddenly be out of work.

And to compound the problem, the nearly 50 MILLION Americans currently on food stamps will face impending starvation.

When this happens, the government will be forced to place millions of Americans into FEMA “work” camps just to survive…

We know this to be a fact because leaked government documents reveal that FEMA is frantically buying up all of the emergency food and water they can get their hands on.

We also know that the President is fully aware and prepared for this impending crisis…

Executive Order 13603 gives him full martial law powers over the American people once the crisis breaks.

He and his administration will have the full power to commandeer and control all food, water, fuel, medicine and even guns and ammo!

If you think this can’t happen, you should realize that it’s happened before.

After Hurricane Katrina, the government issued an order to the National Guard to confiscate ALL civilian held firearms.

The order said…

“No one will be able to be armed.”

“Guns will be taken” and…

“Only law enforcement will be allowed to have guns”.

The government then seized thousands of legal firearms from lawful citizens without warrants…

And sometimes with excessive force!

If this happened after a hurricane, it will certainly happen when a crisis of a much larger magnitude occurs.

Remember the 1.6 BILLION rounds of ammo we mentioned a few minutes ago that the Department of Homeland Security purchased for use on American soil?

It’s now a little clearer why they purchased all that ammo…huh?

This is also why there was such a push for a federal “gun owner registry”…

If the federal gun-grabbers have their way, it’ll be easy-as-pie to conduct their firearm round-ups.

This is why it will be critical for you to know how to stockpile your family’s gun and ammo supply…

And how to keep them “off the radar” of the government and criminals…

That’s why I decided to create Ammo Independence: The Firearms Survival Guide.

This is information to help you prepare a firearms survival plan for your family…

While also learning how to hide your guns and ammo from ANYONE who tries to steal them from you!

And since access to guns and ammo will be so difficult, I’m going to show you how to build your own Survival Rifle…

And how to manufacture your own ammunition!

Let’s take a quick look at what’s included in this Ammo Independence: The Firearms Survival Guide.

First off we have the module on ammunition independence.

This outstanding module teaches you how to manufacture your own ammunition…

And reload your spent cartridges and shells.

This module will not only ensure your family has all of the ammo you need for long term survival…

It’ll also teach you a critical skillset that will be in high demand after an “end of the world as we know it” crisis.

Those who can make their own ammunition will have peace-of-mind of knowing that they’ll have all the bullets they need!

Next up is the module on how to build your own survival rifle.

Here you’ll learn how to custom build your own survival rifle…

For much less than what you’d pay at a local gun shop.

And you’ll learn how these survival rifles can be made completely “off the books”…

Meaning they won’t appear on any government registries or lists…

And it’s completely legal and within the ATF’s federal firearm guidelines!

The final module is on How to Hide Your Guns & Ammo.

Once the crisis breaks and looting and rioting starts in the streets, the government will start confiscating guns.

In this section, you’ll learn 21 places around your home to hide your guns and ammo so that home invaders absolutely cannot find them…

You’ll also learn a “black ops decoy” tactic to make the intruders go away thinking they got your stash…

While your best guns are safely hidden and ready for you to use at a moment’s notice!

As you can see, Ammo Independence: The Firearms Survival Guide is a must-have if guns and ammo are part of your overall home defense or survival plan.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours over the past year researching to compile the information in this guide.

I’ve read literally everything available on the topic.

And then added my own personal experiences to develop what I think is the definitive guide to firearms survival.

I’m also proud of the fact that I’ve cut out all of the junk that most authors and publishers put in books just to overinflate their size.

I wanted a guide that you could easily read in under an hour…

Without wading through worthless chapters on the “history of guns and ammo” that just waste your time and printer ink.

This concise, yet jam packed guide has just the information you need to succeed…and nothing more!

As I mentioned before, I’ve spent hundreds of hours reading other books and talking to experts to compile this guide.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do that. The research has already be “done for you” in my easy-to-read guide.

And today I’m offering an unbelievable deal on this must have information preparedness information for gun owners.

You see I’ve been advised to charge at least $97 for this guide.

But I’m not charging that much today.

I’m not even charging a discounted rate of $67.

Because it’s my goal to get this important information in the hands of as many people as possible…

Today I’m charging just $27.

As you can tell, that’s a MASSIVE savings for this must-have firearms survival information!

Click the “buy now” button below to get INSTANT ACCESS to this guide right now.

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This price is available today or until I decide to raise it.

And to make the deal even sweeter, I’m also going to throw in few bonuses for you…

First off, I’m going to give you access to my curated firearms video library.

This library contains hours of videos that I’ve handpicked for you on reloading, rifle building and much more.

These videos will really help you with your mission of becoming ammo independent!

Access to my curated video library is easily worth $37 on its own, but you get it FREE with your purchase today of Ammo Independence!

The next bonus is a special report called “The Gun Law Bible: What Every Gun Owner Should Know”.

This jam-packed guide has all of the latest information you need to know about concealed carry, open carry and much more.

Plus it has state-by-state breakdowns of gun laws so you’ll know exactly how to make sure you’re carrying legally and lawfully.

I’ve had many friends tell me that they find this guide to be invaluable.

It’s easily worth $10 on its own…but you get it FREE with your purchase of my firearms survival guide.

The final bonus is called Mixed Martial Arts: The Basics of Jujitsu & MMA.

This handy guide will introduce you to concepts of Jujitsu and MMA as a means of defending yourself and your family.

It will teach you how to properly strike, restrain and defend yourself from an opponent using this martial arts skills.

This report is easily valued at $14.95, but you get it FREE with your purchase today of Ammo Independence!

All combined, these three bonuses are worth nearly $62 on their own, but you get them FREE as a thank you for purchasing Ammo Independence: The Firearms Survival Guide today!

Simply click the button below to order yours today and get instant access to everything right after you hit submit!

If you’re still unsure if Ammo Independence: The Firearms Survival Guide is worth the measly price of a night out for two at the movies, let’s review again what’s included.

First off you get the main module on Ammo Independence.

Here you’ll learn how to make your own ammunition for all of your firearms.

As ammo becomes more and more expensive to buy and harder to find in the stores…

Knowing how to manufacture your own ammo is the only way to control your supply.

In this module, you’ll learn what supplies you’ll need and a step-by-step process for reloading your spent cartridges and shells.

Knowing this skill will not only ensure you have all the ammo you need to defend your home and property and put fresh food on the table…

It’s also a skill that will be in high demand after a major long term crisis unfolds…

Meaning you’ll be able to trade your knowledge of ammo production for other valuable supplies your family may need!

The next module is on “How to Build Your Own Survival Rifle” module.

This teaches you a perfectly legal way to build your own “off the books” survival rifle…

For significant less than you’d pay at a gun shop or show.

All without filling out a single form of paperwork or submitting to a “background check”.

Having your own survival rifle is a great way to protect your family after a major cataclysm.

Here’s your chance to get your very own for significantly less than buying one retail.

The final module is the special report on how to hide your guns and ammo.

Firearms are already one of the most sought after items for burglars and home invaders.

After a crisis breaks, this will only increase as people become more and more desperate.

This means you need to have a plan to have your guns hidden where invaders absolutely cannot find them…

Yet you need to be able to grab them in seconds when your family is threatened.

This module will show you 21 proven places to hide your guns and ammo.

If you think you already know all of these locations…think again!

You’ll be surprised at some of the brilliant places that you can hide your guns and ammo.

So there you have it…

You get Ammo Independence: The Firearms Survival Guide plus all three of the special bonuses for a one-time payment of just $27.00.

I’m not sure you can get that much peace of mind for such a low price anywhere else.

[guarantee_bar_60Day]guarantee bar [/guarantee_bar_60Day]

And if you’re still on the fence about the measly price of this purchase I want you to know that I stand behind it 100 percent.

If you buy it now and decide later that you don’t want it for any reason, I’ll give you every penny back!

You have 60-full days to review the guide and decide if it’s for you. If not, just send me an email and I’ll refund your purchase entirely.

This means there’s absolutely NO RISK on your part to try Ammo Independence: The Firearms Survival Guide today.

Click the “buy now” button below to order your copy now.

Time is ticking now on how long I’ll leave the report at this amazingly low price.

I’ve got so much time and money invested in putting this guide together.

Very soon, I may to be forced to raise the price to recoup my investment.

This could happen very soon….which is why I recommend you order now to get it at the absolute best possible price.

Just click the button below to order your copy now and you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to it right after purchase.

And you won’t have to wait on the mailman or Fed-Ex! You’ll get to start reviewing this amazing guide in Adobe PDF format and the free bonus report right away!

Look, by this point you’ve probably made up your mind about my guide. You need to have a plan for your home firearms survival. And this is it.

The government is going to continue to find more effective and sneaky new ways to undermine our rights to own guns and ammo.

If you wait too long, you might find you have your guns but ammo is simply too expensive to afford…

Or is simply not available anywhere on store shelves!

This is why YOU must start planning your long term firearm survival now.

Isn’t it worth the price to make sure you always have the ammo you need?

It’s a no brainer…right?

Click the button below to order now.

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Remember, there’s absolutely NO risk on your part because I’m backing your purchase with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

You get 60 days to read the guide and implement what you learn. If you don’t think it’s been worth the price, then request a refund and I’ll give you every penny back.

I don’t expect you’ll do that though.

My guess is you’ll be amazed at how much value you’re getting for this TINY investment.

Well that’s it for now.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

I wish you the best of luck.

And God Bless America!

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