Helpful Resources for the Affiliate Program

Thank you for your interest in the Ammo Independence affiliate program! We pay an attractive 75% commission on our entire profitable funnel! This means you can earn up to $123.75 per sale plus recurring affiliate revenue for customers who buy our membership!

Sales Funnel Details:

We regularly test and update our sales funnel so that it converts at an optimal level for our affiliates and partners. Below is an overview of our current sales funnel:

  • Front End: Ammo Independence Firearms Survival Guide is $37 (we also offer an exit offer for $27/$17)
  • Upsell #1 is Ultimate Home Survival Bundle + My Survival Alliance at $27 per month.
  • Downsell #1 is Ultimate Home Survival Bundle for one-time fee of $47.
  • Upsell #2 is Perpetual Food Systems and it sells for $37.00.
  • Downsell #2 is the Monster Firearms Book Bundle for $27.
  • Upsell #3 is Homesteading Secrets of Our Ancestors at $47.

Affiliate Links

Main Link - $37 - (best option)http://YOURAFFID.jkwsurveys.hop.clickbank.netThis is the best converting link.
Main Link - $37 - (No Exit Pop-up) link will not have an exit pop-up. This is for Google, Facebook and other PPC campaigns.
Discounted Price - $27 link will go to a sales page with a front-end price point of $27
Discounted Price - $27 (No Exit pop-up) link will not have an exit pop-up. This is for Google, Facebook and other PPC campaigns.
Firearms Traffic Alternate Funnel - $37 is an alternate funnel that was built to convert better on firearms and gun rights traffic.
Firearms Traffic - $9.99 Tripwire Offer customers the chance to buy at $9.99. This has great conversion rates!
 You can also add a ?tid=trackingid at the end of your link if you want to add a tracking ID. You will just replace ‘trackingid’ with the actual tracking ID you want to use.

Banner Ads

Feel free to use any of the below banner ads for your paid ad campaigns. If you have specific banner ads, please contact us through our help desk.

728×90 Ads





468×60 Ads



336×280 Ads

336x280-topsecretguncontrolplan     336-280-ammoshortage


300×250 Ads

300x250-topsecretguncontrolplan    300x250---you-think-ammo-shortages-are-bad


250 x 250 Ads

250x250-secretguncontrolplan          250x250-cantfindammo

200×200 Ads

200x200-cantfindammo          200x200--secretguncontrolplan

125×125 Ads

125x125--secretguncontrolplan          125x125-cantfindammo

160×600 Ads

160x600          160x600-ammoshortages

120×600 Ads

120x600              120x600-ammoshortages

More Banner ads are coming soon.

Email Templates

If you have an opt-in email list, we encourage you to use one of the following email scripts:

Facebook Status Updates

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Product Cover



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Updates & Contests

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to sign-up for our affiliate email newsletter for more cool tools and techniques for promoting Ammo Independence and our other survival products. We also frequently run contests for affiliates so you’ll want to sign up to make sure you don’t miss out!

Thank You

Thank you for promoting us through the Ammo Independence affiliate program, Keith Jacobs